Minutes of Parish Council Meeting, 11th December 2017

held in Stert House on 11th December 2017

Clive Boyes (CB) Chairman
Chris Lawrence (CL) Councillor
Lucy Barker (LB)  Councillor/Treasurer
1. Apologies for absence 
Councillor/Clerk William Howkins and Councillors Sam Deacon and Alick Edwards sent their apologies.
2. Declaration of Interest 
3. Minutes of previous meetings
The Minutes of the previous PC meeting held on 25th September were approved (proposed by CL and seconded by LB) and signed by the Chairman.
4. Treasurer’s Report
LB reported there had been one payment of £300 to Alick Edwards, as approved at the previous meeting.
The parish account now stands at £2490.53.  (CL verified this balance in the pass book).

LB reported that PC expenses so far this financial year come to £569.25, with the only further anticipated expense being the Christmas party. In April we budgeted £700 for expenses other than the Christmas party. The PC finances are therefore well below budget. It was agreed to budget £220 for the Christmas party.

Council Tax resolution: it was agreed to keep the PC precept at the same level as 2017/8, being £915.05. Proposed by CL, seconded by LB.
5. Neighbourhood Watch
Nothing to report.
6. Tinkfield Recycling Centre.
It was noted the planning permission decision has been postponed to December 20th. Subsequent to meeting: Planning application 17/05091/WCM was approved subject to conditions on 13th December 2017. Full details of the conditions can be seen on the WC website.

The PC was pleased to note that the building of the bund is progressing and that there is a wheel wash in operation most of the time.
7. Claironailes
The  property failed to sell at auction at the required price. It is therefore still for sale through Humberts.
8. Speed Limits.
A342: The Clock Inn Residents Assoc has requested Stert PC’s support for a 40mph speed limit between the Lydeway and Stert junctions. A letter was drafted to support this and will be sent by CB on behalf of Stert PC.

Stert village road: it was agreed an application for a 20mph speed limit should be submitted by WH.
9. Crookwood Motox 2018
One written complaint from a Stert resident was received about this in 2017.

It was agreed to advise Philip Whitehead/WC/Urchfont PC/Potterne PC that Stert Parish would tolerate the noise from one, or maximum two, such events per year but not more. Stert village is not affected by the traffic from such an event and so cannot comment on this issue.

10. Parish Christmas Party
To be held on December 22nd 6.30-8.30 by kind invitation of Clive and Georgie Boyes. Everyone in the parish is welcome. It was agreed to invite a number of non-residents.
11. AOB
Telephone box: it was felt this needs a new coat of paint and Neville Moody will be asked to quote.
12. Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held in Stert House on Monday 19th February 2018, at 7.30 pm.


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